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    When it rains can you hear my breath, slowly speeding up with the speed of your beating heart? I love hearing your heart beat, but damn it is quite bothersome for a man like me. I am made out of darkness, I was born like this, but you keep on falling for me-my lady.  She was looking at me now, her beautiful big brown eyes sparkling in the night. I would die for her; if I could, however it’s not as simple as that. She stabbed me so many times in my heart, but I still keep on going after her. Doing everything all over again until she hurt me once again. A sigh went through my lips; it made her look at me with one of those looks that said, ‘what are thinking of?’ Today was the day I leave her, before I get hurt even more. I am a demon, I did not need a human brining me down like this, but it is going to be hard though.

    I touched her face with the palm of my hand, and I just looked into her eyes. She smiled brightly; it hurt to see her like this, happy, and I’m the one who is going to end that happiness she feels right now. Love can burn fast, but it always fails. Love always did fail; either you fail you love her, or she fails to love you. Sometimes you just need to give up on love to work on yourself, and to get away from that person.

    “Darling, I’m sorry” I was meaning to say-‘it is over’, but somehow I end up just saying I’m sorry. She didn’t know why I was sorry, and she also didn’t know why I looked so damn hurt. Maybe she noticed how I looked hurt a long time ago? Or maybe she just found out about this in this moment. She started to frown now, like she knew where this was heading. Her lips parted but she did not know how to speak for some reason.  “I am just …so sorry… I am going to have to leave you, darling.” I said softly, why was I speaking so softly towards her out of know where? Maybe I did feel sorry for her.

            She looked at me for a couple of minutes like she did not understand what I was saying. Tears started to fall down her cheeks, “what did you just say?” like she could not understand me. She was acting like she did not understand me, she could not believe it. I knew her to well though; I know she wanted to run away, and then just beg me to not to say that again. 

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